I would appreciate it if someone would tell me what I am missing. It seems to me the January 6th Committee investigating the attempted coup against the United States should be going to United States District Court to obtain court orders to enforce their subpoenas. The courts should act expeditiously (although they might not), there seems little defense when people just outright defy a Congressional subpoena and claims of privilege can be handled at that time. If the person is ordered to comply and fails to do so, that is contempt of court, which can be dealt with immediately and the person jailed until such time as they comply.

I do think there is some utility to seeking criminal contempt against someone like Steve Bannon, who would probably never testify truthfully in any event, but if the goal is to obtain the testimony, getting court orders compelling it seems to me to be the way to go for at least many people.

It also seems to me the Committee should file a counterclaim(s) to compel testimony in those cases where people have sued to contest the subpoenas.

I would appreciate it if someone would tell me what I am missing.

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